Marking Sites of Payday Loan Will Be Finalized

The KM publishing house found that installing a green tag in the YX search engine next to the name of the company’s website, which should help the consumer choose a reliable Payday Loan, does not work correctly.


Information on companies worth

A label is in the register of securities. All organizations that are present in the registry received a green trust mark this summer. But the problem is that this mark is placed only next to the main page of the site, and on the pages of the YX search engine there can be dozens and hundreds of other pages of this site. It turns out that this system can mislead the consumer if he sees a non-main page (and, therefore, without a tick) of the company, which is in the register of securities.

TTU Bank experts plan to solve this problem also because such a system of sites is supposed to be implemented on other niches controlled by the BCA Bank. Already last month, legal insurance companies were to be highlighted. But apparently, it was decided to postpone this niche.

Information on companies worth


In particular, Payday Loan websites began to highlight in order to strengthen the fight against organizations that violate the law and impersonate companies operating in the market. The TTU Bank received a lot of complaints about the unlawful actions of the company, which, as it turned out later, turned out to be completely different from those whom they gave themselves and did not have the appropriate licenses. Currently, there are 1.6 thousand organizations in the backlight system. Total legal companies recorded 2.2 thousand, but not all of them have sites on the Internet, and some did not provide the necessary data for one reason or another.


The process of the system

The participants began to complain about the flaws, because of which the project not only does not solve the tasks, but also worsens the situation because it misleads potential customers. It turns out that microfinance organizations that legally operate in the market have certain risks of losing a client who refuses to visit a site that does not have a BCA Bank mark.

Such inconsistency in the work of green jackdaws undermines the credibility of the whole highlighting system. But in the Russian search system and in the BCA Bank they promise to correct the situation and refine the system for the emergence of site highlighting.

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