Credit Card Banned Not Payable. Can That Be?

Ever heard of people who take credit cards easily?

“Ah, the insured credit card doesn’t need to pay! It’s better to just let it go because it’s useless, our names are already bad in CCRIS.”

Of course this assumption is completely wrong. You have to pay a credit card that is insulated. Why so? Because there are some negative impressions that slowly start to emerge if the sealed credit card is not immediately paid off. For more details, let’s see what negative impressions will appear.


Influence on Customer CCRIS

The Central Credit Reference Information System is one of the sources of information provided by the Credit Bureau of BNM Bank which provides information on the credit activities of a borrower. This credit report can be obtained by individuals and companies. Banks / financial institutions have the right to view customer credit reports as one of the considerations when customers want to apply for loans to the bank. Although CCRIS cannot appeal to you based on your credit report, a bad credit report will cause your loan application to be rejected by a bank or financial institution. Well, not only banks or financial institutions, you as a customer also have access to your credit report. You can access the credit report online through the eCCRIS platform, or at CCRIS kiosks at several BNM Bank branches.


Chased by debt collectors

Chased by debt collectors

If you still don’t want to pay the amount of cre0dit that is insulated, there is another impression that you will feel later, which is pursued by the debt collector. Usually debt collectors will repeatedly call you to ask about payment of all arrears. This case will certainly make you nervous. Usually, other than by telephone, the debt collector will also visit the address listed in your personal data. So, the debtor may come to the home address or address of the official, following the address you registered.

Although debt collectors may disturb you, there are actually several guidelines issued by BNM Bank regarding debt collection procedures. Among them are:

  • practice high standards of professionalism when quoting debt.

  • practice ethical actions in quoting debt.

  • do not use violence.

  • give prior notice to the borrower.

  • show the power of attorney.

  • ensure the borrower’s information is accurate and clear.

  • comply with the law relating to the protection of information and personal data.

However, this does not mean you can continue to survive not paying credit cards. You must pay off the amount of sealed credit cards that are still running. At least, do this so that the existence of the debt collector does not disturb the peace of you and your family at home. He feels it will be very annoying if the debt collector continues to come to the house and call you. Imagine if you register an official address as a claim address, of course this can create a problem for your job.


Debt that is increasingly mounting

Debt that is increasingly mounting

Usually if you still believe in the saying “insured credit cards do not need to pay”, people like this will gain new debts. Various ways will be done, for example by borrowing money from non-bank financial institutions, applying for loans online , or the worst requesting loans from individuals to irresponsible loans. This of course only adds to the problem. Credit card debt that must be repaid in advance becomes more continuous plus monthly interest and penalties pass. Not to forget, the new debt earned by other debtors usually also incur a large interest expense, even if the loan rate is much larger, and certainly must be repaid.

One more thing to note from mounting debt is how to pay it off. If only one type of debt cannot be repaid, imagine if there are other debts that arise. Of course you will increasingly find it difficult to pay off, and it is not impossible to run out if the arrears arose. The impression? Of course there is a debt collection process. Therefore, you also have to remember that different from the banks whose regulations are related to the billing process are clearer, sometimes loans submitted to individuals have a much more risky billing process. The manner in which the demands are made is not necessarily in a manner that is polite, and certainly does not follow the rules. More dangerous, right?

So now you know, insulated credit cards should not be left alone. You have to find steps to complete the credit card partition, so that the name can be returned clean and live more peacefully!

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